we welcome you as a brand to partner with HassleOFF to place your brand in an environment where you will be accepted and appreciated. we offer the most valuable environment for brands as

  • you as a brand don’t interrupt the user’s current activity
  • we show your brand to the right audience (contextual marketing as it’s activity based)
  • your brands will be displayed at the exact right time (in the conceptual phase where users think about buying certain items)

we know as a marketer you would love to talk about CPC, CTP/CPM, eCTP/eCPM, click through rate and all these other lovely indicators.
before we do that, we want you to fully understand how brands are displayed within events in our iOS and web app. furthermore, please check out
our classics events and find out if you fit any of our categories.

  • provide us with your logo
  • determine a background color (no gradients or images) that your logo is placed on
  • let us know which countries you’d like to push your brand / product

  • your brand will be displayed on any smartphone, tablet or desktop device (even when ad block software is installed)


if you are interested in more details such as direct link-to-purchase opportunities? please get in touch with Tom by sending an email to