classics events

here is a little bit more detail about our awesome classics events.
in most of our classics we populate your items list with things you need for your event. you can alter each item individually, as we know that each group of friends is quite unique when it comes to their wishes.


craving for the next blockbuster? don’t wanna go alone? we get that. use our cinema classic and you’ll have someone to share the popcorn. here is what you are able to do: enter multiple movies with one screening time, enter one movie with multiple screening times. rarely used, but if you want the theatre to be the element of choice, simply enter multiple locations.


now where would you have drinks if not at home? use any of the following options to ask your people either where or when you should meet up.

  • bar
  • club
  • restaurant

hands down my friend, the best one is coming now: with drinks at home you can plan pretty much everything that involves enjoying lovely “beverages”. sit in, watching a sports game with the buddies, warming up before you go out…you name it! mark the drinks that you’ll be having and everything needed to mix them will be in your items list. select standard drinks such as beer, wine, vodka lemon or cocktails like margarita, mojito and long island ice tea.

  • drinks at home


a little pepper, a little salt… cooking with friends is fun right? based on your choice we put the necessary ingredients in your items list and you are good to go. now it’s up to you to choose between:

  • bbq
  • picnic
  • pasta
  • pizza
  • burger
  • hot dog
  • tacos


how about getting that rusty body of yours back in shape? and working out with a team sport is even better. choose your favorite sport and we let you know what you need to bring (because playing soccer without a ball is just a bad idea)

  • football
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • tennis
  • golf
  • rugby
  • american football


for all those who enjoy the competition using dices, cards or controllers. welcome to our games classics. Indeed, we even considered that you might need a couple of snacks while enjoying your game. it’s your choice between:

  • poker
  • card games
  • twister
  • monopoly
  • risk
  • settlers of catan
  • video games


to be honest, this is more for the ladies to ease the pain of finding the right stuff to wear. choose a photo from your library or take one when you are in front of your closet and just ask your friends which clutch, dress or shoes you should go for.