frequently asked questions

welcome to the faq section. here you’ll find a couple of answers regarding HassleOFF. if you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us directly via our HassleOFF Help Center or send an email to



is there an android or windows phone app?

short answer: no, not yet.
we are doing our best to offer you an android app as soon as possible. in fact, we love all android people, but as there are so many devices to support it just takes a little longer to build it – and a lot more dough. you can help is by liking our Facebook Page or following us on Twitter. The more users / fans we have, the easier it is for us to find investment to build better services for you.

regarding an app for windows phone … please don’t get your hopes up…yet


do I have to upload a profile picture?

not really… but please do. it’s just a lot easier for your friends to see right away that you’ll be joining the event or that you’ll take care of certain items. also, we are not displaying full names in the event overviews. hence, one of your beautiful headshots would definitely help.


why can’t I invite my friends via SMS?

at this moment we do not offer this SMS-invitation feature. please use email or your facebook contacts to invite friends to an event. Note: we do not store your address books, more information under privacy below.




why can’t I add multiple activities with multiple times and multiple locations at an event?

ok, let’s explain this with an example. let’s say you build an event with “bowling”, “pool”, “baseball” and “swimming” with the time options “monday”, “tuesday”, “wednesday” and “thursday”. little math here, there are 16 different outcomes, imagine we would put in location as well – 64 possible outcomes. we are no bloody voting app for people who give 30 options. HassleOFF is for people who want to get things done fast and easy. so my dear user, please make up your mind and give your friends max. 4 options and everybody will thank you for it.


do I need to provide information for all steps to create an event?

definitely no. mandatory is only the event title and at least one time input.


why can I only create maximum 4 options and not more?

please take a quick look at any smartphone at hand and count the number of icons in a row. maybe this will change in the future, but let’s go with 4 for now.


how does the “items” feature work?

after creating an event the host is able to add a items to a list of items that you’ll need at the event. hosts are also able to allow other guests to add items by giving them additional rights (making them a “guest with additional rights”). all guests can assign themselves to items to let others know they will take care of it. all items a user signed up for will be shown under “my items to bring” in the “main menu”. in you very own ‘my items to bring’ you are also able to check off items you took care of already.


Is only the host able to invite people?

at the beginning this is the case, but any host is able to allow guests to invite friends as well. this is done in the event menu under permissions for guests.


what if I don’t like the items that are automatically pre-filled in the classic events?

change the name, change volume, change amount. wasn’t that hard now was it?




what data does HassleOFF store?

we store the following:

  • name
  • email
  • photo
  • people you attended events with (so you can invite them more easily next time)
  • items lists from prior created events (if you want to do the same event again)

we don’t save who brought what or to which exact event you went to. HassleOFF is not interested in behavioral data, as we don’t build profiles from our users or sell this data to third parties. we save your contact information and information that you went to an event with person x. this way you can invite people from past events to upcoming ones. moreover, we save the items from events that you created before, so you won’t have the hassle to put manually enter them again.


does HassleOFF store a copy of my phone book/address book?

hell no! we are the good guys. each time you create an event and you select people, only the name and email data from that contact is accessed and not the whole address book. we will not duplicate your address book to our system at any time.


does HassleOFF save my facebook friend list?

same story. your list of friends is accessed only when you use it (provided you gave us permission to access your facebook friend list). long story short: we are not interested in collecting your data.


does facebook have any access to my events?

No, facebook does not have any access to your events or event related data (such as what items you bring). facebook is only used to let your friends know you created an event / you have been invited to an event. anything else is happening on our servers and we keep any unwanted guests out.


does HassleOFF save data regarding what I bring to events?

legitimate question right? behavioral data, big data…the answer is a big NO. we don’t want data what you bought, what you were invited to or anything else. nobody except guests has insight to see who brings what to which event, because we delete this particular data after the event.