we respect your privacy

we don’t believe that anybody out there is happy that each and every move gets tracked and stored somewhere. thanks to that little prism affair users are a little bit more privacy aware, yet not that desperate to read through all terms of services or privacy policy. so let’s try it like this: we explain to your in plain english what kind of data we save and you make your own judgment if not everybody should respect privacy like we do.

does HassleOFF store a copy of my phone book/address book?

hello no! we are the good guys. each time you create an event and you select people, only the name and email data from that contact is accessed and not the whole address book. we will not duplicate your address book to our system at any time.

does facebook have access to any of my events or event I got invited to?

no, facebook does not have any access to your events or event related data (such as what items you bring). facebook is only used to let your friends know you created an event / you have been invited to an event. anything else is happening on our servers and we keep any unwanted guests out.

does HassleOFF save data regarding what I bring to events?

behavioral data, big data…the answer is: we are not interested. we don’t want data what you bought, what you were invited to or anything else. nobody except guests has insight to see who brings what to which event, because we delete this particular data after each event.

if I delete my account, what data will HassleOFF save?

first of all, why would you delete your account?! but back to business, if you delete your account your data is gone for good. seriously, all data that is associated with your email such as events, pending invitations, prior items lists (to create new events faster)…everything will be wiped.