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event planning just got a whole lot easier. HassleOFF is more than just an app. consider us as a friend who you can ask for help to plan your private event. drinks at home, poker night, bbq at the beach, monday night football...? we got your back. ***our service is currently in public beta***

classic events

going the extra mile for you - this is what our classics are. select from cinema, drinks, cooking, sports, games or outfits to create your event even faster. according to your very own classic selection we enrich your event with a list of items to make sure you have all you need. imagine a pasta night without pasta...

items for your event

and the award for best feature ever goes to... items! having drinks at home, a picnic in a park, venues where multiple people take care of multiple tasks. with our items feature you have all information on one screen. all these calls and countless messages are history

invite your friends

we can try to argue, but the most important element of any event is people. in order for you to invite your people the easiest way possible we offer three options to do so: select people from your address book (iOS app), manually enter email addresses (web app) or select anybody from your facebook friend list (iOS and web app).

behind the scenes

interested in information that other startups wouldn’t share? ugly designs, our very first steps, making of videos or why in hell we built this app? welcome to ‘behind the scenes’ section where we tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

we respect your privacy

when it comes to privacy we have a certain mindset: users come first! we don’t store data from you because we are not interested in likes or photos from the past. other platforms take care of that. we are HassleOFF, a fast and easy tool to create new memories by having events with friends. note: facebook doesn’t get any details regarding your events.

frequently asked questions

you have a question regarding functionality, events, privacy or maybe something completely different? in this faq sections we do our best to answer any questions you might have.